Honda Accord World’s No.1 Midsize Car


Honda Accord World’s No.1 Midsize Car


Honda Accord is World’s No.1 Midsize Car with the latest Hybrid Technology in an attempt at giving an eco-friendly alternative to the diesel. It is ninth-generation accord that uses full Led headlights. Honda Accord is one of the most Fuel efficient midsize sedans car with the fuel economy of 23km/l combined and fuel tank capacity of 60L with an Automatic (CVT) Transmission, which gives very good mileage 23.1kmpl.

Car Engine and Performance

Honda Accord is the most powerful inline 4 cylinder production engines-that have an ability to last the lifetime of car make between 350 and 400 HP, which is a lot of HP for a 2l inline four cylinder. The inline –four layouts is in perfect primary balance and a degree of mechanical simplicity .The inline-four is the most common engine configuration in modern car. It also comes with most standardized modern battery .LI-ion batteries are also excellent in retaining energy, with a self-discharge rate (5% per month). Lithium-ion batteries include life extensions, energy density, and safety cost reduction, and charging speed among others.

Environment friendly

It is also an Green vehicle or environment friendly vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional internal combustion engine vehicle running on gasoline or diesel or o their alternative. Honda Accord is a ninth-gen accord that uses hybrid technology with conventional high fuel economy, as it is the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions that help in controlling air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute by reducing oil imports.


Honda Accord is a Hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs) with the combine benefit of gasoline engines and electric motors .It is combination of an internal combustion engine and a battery electric drive system to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions both the gasoline engine and the electric motor work together to increase power of the wheels during heavy acceleration and it runs cleaner and has better gas mileage which makes it environment friendly. It runs on twin powered engine (gasoline engine and electric motor) that cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy .

Honda Accord World’s No.1 Midsize Car

Comfort and Convenience in Car

Honda Accord is a perfect example of comfort and care car that is designed around the driving experience with the perfection of leather , the premium wood finish, the ultra –luxurious spacious cabin with host a host of convenience features, all come together to an in-car atmosphere that rivals a luxury lounge . It Is a dual-zone automatic climate control which can separate two section of the vehicle can maintain different preferred temperatures autonomously that driver and the front passenger can both choose a temperature that works on them.

Drivability and Reliability of Car

Honda Accord comes with the Multi functional steering wheel that is very user-friendly and lets you take control of the radio, your music and other systems. One can control it at their fingertips , there is no need to take your off the wheel  with sports Hybrid I-MMD ( Intelligent multi mode drive) and can run at a speed of 120km/h that uses Earth dreams technology which is advanced and innovative power train with its satellite linked navigation system and touch screen display system .Honda Accord is the most most fuel efficient and customer friendly convenient car with modern hybrid technology  that one looks for in car .

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

There are many challenges for new YouTube creators when they are growing their channel. The hardest thing for many is knowing where they should be putting their attention. In the beginning, YouTubers should not be worried about subscribers or view counts, but focused on making the best content possible and learning.

As their library of content grows, then they should be digging into the data to understand what is working. At different stages of the journey, YouTube creators should have a different focus. In this infographic by, you can see what it takes to reach your next YouTube milestone.

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When buying your first pair of skates, you should never opt for the best looking or the most expensive. Each skate’s fittings differ from player to player. Your foot’s width to the role you play in a hockey game could make a difference in your choice of skates. If you found one pair that works wonderfully but still needs a little something to make it truly yours, you can bake them to custom mold those skates for your feet. This infographic by reveals the steps and tests you should do when choosing the best pair of skates for you.

Infographic : How To Choose Ice Hockey Skates



Infographic : Diwali festival of happiness

Diwali is festival of happiness and a mark of new beginning .we celebrate this festival to honour lord Rama-chandra and mata sita on their return to home ayodhya after 14 years of exile given by lord rama step mother ,during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king ,Ravana .The hindus worship lord ganesha and goddess lakshmi during diwali for prosperity and new beginning .

Diwali is celebrated all across world by hindu ,sikh and jain .The festival ,is the mark of new year and triumph of good over evil and light over darkness .To overcome the darkness people lights lamp known diya all over the place to remove darkness ,that is why diwali also known as Deepawali festival of lights and worship. Diwali is a five day festival celebrated all across world starting in october or november each year depending on the cycle of moon it is celebrated in the 15th day of the holiest month of hindu calendar kartik, In 2018, diwali is on november 7 .

For many indians ,diwali honours lakshmi ,the goddess of wealth .some folks also worship devi saraswati on diwali ,as pursuing of education.people start new business year at diwali ,and some hindus will say prayers to the goddess for successful year .people Clean the house and business premises thoroughly before the first Diwali day, or the Dhanteras. Make the entrance way to your home or business colourful using the traditional motifs of Rangoli designs. It is also important to worship lord ganesha with goddess laxmi . on the day of diwali people also buy stock and stock market are open on account of muhurat trading for a time of 1 hour .

Before the beginning of diwali people starts cleaning their home and workplace to worship goddess parvati and lord ganesha because it is saying that laxmi only visit place which clean and neat . They also prepare different types of sweets or they particularly buy from market and to each other as diwali greeting and beginning of new year .

As diwali is the victory of good over evil , people light oil lamps all over their home and workplace to overcome the darkness for five days . People decorate home and workplace with beautiful lightings Make the entrance way to your home or business colourful using the traditional motifs of Rangoli designs.Try different types of Rangoli. .Light lamps every night during the festival.Burn different types of crackers as it is children’s favourite part of diwali . people buy new clothes on diwali ,buy sweets ,gold as buying gold or silver on dhanteras or diwali is sign of goodness .

Festival of diwali starts with dhanteras days of fortune in which people worship lord ganesha and goddess lakshmi for prosperity and wealth .second day of diwali is celebrated as Two Naraka Chaturdasi day of knowledge on this people honours saraswati ,goddess of knowledge and wisdom as education is equally important in life .Third day is celebrated as diwali ,the day of light and joy and the victory of good over evil .Fourth day embarks the beginning of new year known as annakut on this people grant sweet to each other for wellness and prosperity . At last , the festival ends with bhai duj day of love between siblings .

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Infographic : The Art of Cannabis Culture

Have you been wondering how certain cannabis companies catch your eyes so much more effectively than others? Wonder no more, because this incredible infographic details the best ways to bolster your brand as a cannabis company! From Packaging and Advertising to Social Media Channels and Public Relations, you’ll see all the HighLights and BuzzKills of cannabis culture so that you may further refine the brand and image of your product! This amazing infographic also details a Logo, Color Palette, & Style Guide that is guaranteed to help your first impression make a lasting mark on the customer!
This infographic is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to break into the cannabis industry, and especially helpful for anyone in the industry that is looking to promote themselves more effectively and really start appealing to the audience! Don’t waste any more time reading about what this incredible infographic has for you, and instead go learn all about the branding buzzkills and happy highlights of the ever-growing cannabis industry! We can assure you that you’ll learn something you never knew about the field of cannabis that is fascinating and useful! Go check out “The Art of Cannabis Culture” now!
Infographic : The Art of Cannabis Culture

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As part of survey of 10,000+ members who had milestone class reunions last year, we asked alumni why they wanted to go (or didn’t want to go) to their class reunion events. The responses were enlightening (seeing the change in people was the main reason people wanted to go) and helped us create this handy guide to the 10 types of people you’ll see at your next class reunion.

Infographic : 10 Types of Classmates You Will See at Your next Class Reunion

Infographic : A Strategic Approach To Organizational Development

What is Organizational Development you say? This incredible infographic will not only answer that, but will guide you step by step through some tips and tricks that will improve your overall organization’s dynamic! Teambuilding and maintaining positive and productive work relationships is key to a productive workforce and a booming business, so it’s always very important to keep people happy and working together in the most efficient ways possible! Another key aspect to a healthy and happy work environment is proper training, or as we at Adventura like to call it, Experience-based training, that allows for people to take on new things in a hands-on fashion with the guidance of an experienced professional! Fostering healthy internal dynamics in your business should always be a top priority, and this infographic will give you all the information you’ll need in order to start taking concrete steps in the right direction. The best ways to do that are all right here in this beautiful infographic that details perfect ways to bring your team together! Not only will you learn that a healthy internal dynamic at work improves overall productivity and happiness, you will learn ways to achieve this healthy internal dynamic with your very own business or where you work! Don’t waste another moment reading about what this incredible infographic contains and go check it out for yourself to learn all about a strategic approach to organizational development!


Infographic : Business Transformation

Transformation guided by data extrapolated and interpreted through a framework and then run through predictive analysis is the cornerstone of progress within any business. This kind of healthy transformation isn’t a disorienting significant shift or abrupt redefinition that makes your stomach drop. Instead, it’s about honoring and answering a natural progression toward growth.

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Infographic : Business Transformation