Infographic : A-D Guide To Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Breast implants not only enhance the size, shape, and balance but they also improve body symmetry and balance. Implants can be usually filled with either silicone or saline solution. So which ones are better? How long does the surgery take? And what are the pros and cons of saline & silicone breast implants. Those and many more answers about breast augmentation procedure can be found in the following infographic prepared by The Toronto Plastic Surgery Center.


A-D Guide To Breast Augmentation

Banking Redefined-Revolutionary New way to bank

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Think of the day when you first opened your bank account ,you need to take half day leave from your office because of banking working hours and then cumbersome procedure to fill form and do KYC and most important you need to stand in queue. Imagine now you don’t need to do all these stuff but just need to download an app and you have opened your bank account. Does it seems like a dream? Yes, But its true,DBS bank has made it possible for us. With the introduction of DBS banks Digibank app it has made our life much easier and simpler. With digibank wallet you can Recharge, shop, pay your bills ,transfer money hassle free and quickly. Now we can sit at home and do all our banking work .We can call it as an digital banking or can we call as an Smart banking.DBS bank have made this smart banking possible for us with the introduction of Digibank app. It’s Singapore’s best and Asia’s safest payment app with more security and hassle free process. There are other e-wallet app present in the market but they are not secured ,but Digibank app has more secured security where you don’t need to have an OTP on your mobile they have a more secured V-Key security where they authenticate the transaction and then only the transaction is processed .It is Singapore’s best and Asia’s safest payment app. It has 24*7 virtual assistant ( artificial intelligent).This assistant is Asia’s first kind of customer service. If you have to transfer 100 rupees to your friend, in other App you need to type the name and amount to be transferred , but in digiapp you just need to speak “ Transfer 100 rupees to Prem(Friend Name)”. Within few second the amount get transfer to you friend. Isn’t that amazing?.

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With further stage you can open digisavings account where you need to upload your Aadhar card and Pan card and then get Authenticated at DBS bank partnered store. Isnt that simpler than standing in a queue for your account to be open.Now coming to the reward point ,we get 7% interest rate for keeping our money in Digisavings , which is higher than any other bank. It has also has 5-10% cashback scheme on various products that’s which is amazing for online buyers.With Digibank you also get an Visa debit card where you have the option of unlimited withdrawals ,where there is cap by other banks for withdrawals.So it’s very good for those who have the habit of using ATM very frequently because they don’t need to pay for withdrawals .Most important is that you don’t need to keep minimum balance in your account for using It also has special and promotional offers for the user.And the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar is the Brand Ambassador of the DBS digibank.

So what are you waiting for ,hurry up and download the app and be the part of smart banking and earn more and enjoy banking sitting at your home #LiveMoreBankLess

Infographic : How Dogs Improve Your Health

Dogs are more than just our best friends, however. Sure, these loyal critters stand next to us to keep us company, help us feel protected and make sure we always feel loved. But, did you know that their affectionate kisses may be actually improving our health one lick at a time?

This infographic is about how dogs improve our health, other than being our bestfriend.

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Infographic Title: How Dogs Improve Your Health

Immediate annuities – the perfect retirement plan!

Worries about security, health and comfort become greater in your Golden years. With rising prices, increasing health care expenses and high life expectancy planning for your post-retirement phase in life has become important.

Hence, it is important to invest in something that not only helps you plan for retirement, but also continues to pay you an income throughout your retired life. FDs, MFs and other investment takes care of your future goals but these investments will not give you regular income with which you can manage your day to day activities. One such plan that can help you plan for your retirement and provide you an income is an immediate annuity plan.

It converts your savings or lump sum amount into a guaranteed lifetime income source post-retirement, which you can avail anytime as per your choice.

Annuities are a great option for people who want to receive a steady income and stay financial independent even after retirement.


In annuities, you can choose your payout option: receive payments for the rest of your life, or for a set number of years.


Let’s look at the different types of annuities

There are two basic types of annuities: deferred and immediate.


With a deferred annuity, your money is invested for a period of time until you are ready for withdrawals.

In an immediate annuity you begin to receive payments soon after you make your initial investment. So you can consider opting for an immediate annuity even when you approach retirement age.

Annuities can also be either fixed or variable depending on whether you opt for the pay out option which is a fixed or variable i.e. it will be tied to the performance of the overall market.


The money that you invest in an annuity is tax-deferred. When you get withdrawals, the amount you contributed is not taxed, but your income is taxed at your regular income tax rate.

The biggest advantage annuities offer is that they allow you to invest a larger amount of cash and defer taxes. So you can put away more money for a happy retirement. All the money you invest compounds year after year. You can choose opt for your returns by choosing to take a lump-sum payout from your annuity or you can set up guaranteed payments for a specific duration of time or the rest of your life so that you have a steady income post retirement.


One such annuity plan that will help you enjoy your golden years of retirement is Edelweiss Tokio Life – Immediate Annuity Plan it is a traditional non-participating non-linked annuity plan that helps you plan your retirement  with guaranteed annuity benefit. You get to choose from multiple options as per your requirements. You can pay only once and avail immediate annuity benefits for lifetime. It also provides an option of annuity benefits for both – you and your spouse and an option to receive annuity benefits in yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly instalments. There are various annuity options you can choose from like Return of Purchase Price where there is both survival and death benefit – you get a life time annuity payout at a constant rate and after the death of the policy holder the purchase price will be payable to the nominee. Life Annuity Increasing at a simple rate of  3% p.a. or 5 p.a. . Joint life annuity plans are also available like;

 Joint Life, Last Survivor:

  1. If Primary and Secondary Annuitant, both are alive: 100% of annuity payoutis provided at a constant rate
  2. Primary Annuitant is alive and Secondary Annuitant is dead: 100% of annuity payout is provided at a constant rate
  3. Primary Annuitant is dead and Secondary Annuitant is alive: 100% of annuity payout is provided at a constant rate
  4. Primary Annuitant and Secondary Annuitant are dead: Nil

Joint Life, Last Survivor with 50% annuity

  1. Primary and Secondary Annuitant, both are alive: 100% of annuity payout at a constant rate
  2. Primary Annuitant is alive and Secondary Annuitant is dead: 100% of annuity payout at a constant rate
  3. Primary Annuitant is dead and Secondary Annuitant is alive: 50% of annuity payout at a constant rate
  4. Primary Annuitant and Secondary Annuitant are dead: Nil 11. 

    Joint Life, Last Survivor with Return of Purchase Price on Last Death:

a. Survival Benefit: 100% of annuity payout at a constant rate till the lifetime of the last survivor

b. Death Benefit: Purchase price will be payable to the nominee/legal heir on the death of last survivor.

There is also additional benefit for higher purchase price. With so many advantages an immediate annuity plan is a good solution for financial independence post retirement and the options and benefits provided by Edelweiss Tokio Life – Immediate Annuity Plan  makes it sound lucrative and can be shortlisted when you consider opting for an annuity plan.


With the golden opportunity to invest in Indian equity markets presently, retail investors are very much interested to take the opportunity and earn some profits out of it. But this investors are confused about picking the right stock, whether to pick large cap, mid cap or small cap. If you want good returns than you have to take some risk and returns would be very good.So lets invest in Midcap where returns are high with some risk. With some research I found a good stock  known as Kushal Tradelink Limited which is a private limited company with the main object of dealing into various types of papers viz. Kraft, Duplex, News print waste, Cromo Art Paper etc.

Company is listed on  BSE exchange in B group soon will be listed on NSE as all formalities are in process.  Stock is trading actively with over 10 lac shares average daily volume, stock price has risen consistently and have never fall even Rs. 10 from its high price at any point of time, company have declared interim dividend twice 40% in January 2016 and 60% in  March 2016 respectively. Company have 3 giant paper mills in Gujarat as well as corporate house, wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore and  in Ajman(UAE) subsidiaries are involved trading of physical agricultural, chemicals, paper waste and metals trading.

For providing a helping hand to the society ,the company is going to start CSR activities.

Activities which may be included by companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility Policies Activities relating to:— (i) Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty; (ii) Promotion of education; (iii) Promoting gender equality and empowering women; (iv) Reducing child mortality and improving maternal health; (v) Combating human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, malaria and other diseases; (vi) Ensuring environmental sustainability; (vii) Employment enhancing vocational skills; (viii) Social business projects.

By this step ,it shows that the company is not only focused on profits but also participating in welfare of the society.

The stock is fairly price low.The 1 year price to earning is 218.73 the minimum pricing is 54.86,medium 111.89 and maximum 218.73 it means the share has a capacity to do at 218.73.The 1 Year price to book is 23.85.the minimum 5.98 ,medium 12.20 and maximum 23.85.The earning yield (EBIT/enterprise value) is 0.90% and PEG (Price/Earnings to growth ratio)is 1.49.The compare to peers company the company look good turnaround in sales and profit the company as growing day by day with good amount of sales. Kushal Tradelink has reported a sales total income from operations of Rs 67.08 crore and a net profit of Rs 1.40 crore for the quarter ended Sep ’15 and  Kushal Tradelink has reported a sales total income from operations of Rs 89.58 crore and a net profit of Rs 2.39 crore for the quarter ended Dec ’15.the comparison of stock with peers.

Name Last Price Market Cap. Sales Net Profit Total Assets
(Rs. cr.) Turnover
Pudumjee Paper 15.45 146.7 0.01 1.02
Rainbow Papers 12 127.46 559.01 24.44 1,319.24
Genus Paper 4.8 123.42 288.61 9.6 367.16
Pudumjee Pulp 18.2 74.62 291.48 20.27 255.38
Star Paper 37.65 58.77 271.3 15.54 60.76
Shreyans Ind 31.5 43.55 369.52 9.8 130.84
Malu Paper 11.9 20.3 230.82 1.87 116.62
Pudumjee Ind 9.2 16.56 157.05 1.66 116.06
Sirpur Paper 8.2 13.93 423.04 -90.98 367.67
Servalakshmi 3.15 13.58 179.82 -42.1 231.6
Magnum Ventures 2.95 11.09 222.72 -73.32 358.36
Kushal Trade 125.6 1,490.03 263.61 4.67 119.99


Turnover and profits for Sep and Dec quarter published on BSE does not include turnover and profits of its subsidiaries .So when profits of subsidiaries are visible on Consolidated  Annual balance sheet it will change P/E  and Book value of the company , so these in turn will increase Investor participation and increase demand of stock which in turn will increase the price of stock and it’s a good opportunity to invest in these stock.

So going through all analysis we can conclude that Kushal Tradelink  is one of the best Midcap stock to invest and earn a good amount of profit.

Infographic : Do you need a roommate?

In the past, having a roommate was commonly associated with post secondary education and largely treated as something that everyone would eventually grow out of.

Current economic conditions including wealth inequality and low interest rates have led to skyrocketing real estate prices.

Suddenly having a roommate is no longer an option to save money. In many major cities it has actually become a necessity for a large percentage of the population.

Condo Move, Liberty village condo agents, calculate the amount of roommates that would be required to survive on an average salary in some of the world’s biggest cities.

It also includes some glaring statistics on affordability for today’s millenials.

Infographic : Do you need a roommate?

Infographic: Title: How to Brush your Teeth

Dental professionals all over the globe have been promoting proper methods of brushing for a very long time. Unfortunately, most of us neglect their advice, as we all think that we know the best how to brush our own teeth. The sad truth is that majority of population don’t brush and floss their teeth properly which can lead to cavities and even gum problems in the future. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is extremely important if you want to limit trips to the dentist and avoid costly treatments in the future. That’s why Drosu Dental prepared this Brushing your Teeth 101 Infographic for you! Learn how to brush, floss, and keep your mouth clean.
Title: How to Brush your Teeth


Infographic: How to Play Baccarat

A favourite of the more seasoned casino players, Baccarat is typically played on the casino tables of the rich and famous in high-rolling destinations like Monaco and Macau.

Mention Baccarat to anyone, and it’s likely that James Bond will pop into the conversation. Next to car chases, tuxedos and tech ahead of its time, playing high-stake casino games is how Bond gets geared up. He’s spotted playing Baccarat in a number of films throughout the series including For Your Eyes Only, and most notably in his very first scene, during Dr No. Here Bond quite literally gives villains a run for their money using his boisterous Baccarat skills.

Infographic: How to Play Baccarat

Infographic : Balance Bike For kids

Kids starts experimenting with a balance bike at around two years. However, the challenge that faces most parents is getting the right bike for their kids since the companies label their bikes” for 2-5 years old” and do not have the specific bike for a specific age. This may result to a parent buying a bike that has a seat too high for their child to ride on or handle bars which are very far from the kid to reach them.

This article will help you choose the best balance bike for your kid to start the cycling experience. Kids about 2 years old have the following range of bikes to choose from: Strider Pre bike The bike has an adjustable handlebar and seat height to fit riders from 30 to 44 inches tall. The bike is pedal-less and it’s about 2.2 kg in weight with a durable steel frame which makes the bike long lasting.

The bike helps to teach a kid balance and coordination while developing confidence for pedal biking. Kinder bike e-series Air The bikes have air tires that give a great traction for smooth quick rides. The bikes are very light in weight since they are made from aluminum alloys. Kinder bikes have adjustable handlebars that move up and down as well as forward and back to accommodate the rider as he/she grows.

The bikes can last long when maintained well though washing, oiling the moving parts and changing worn out parts. Glide bikes have a seat which is set back a little more from the handlers making the rider more comfortable while riding. The balance bikes are light in weight and have a foot peg which can be removed without a tool in case one does not need to use it.

The bikes have a handbrake and it comes in different range of colors to choose from. MUNAMuna has rugged tires and a handlebar which is adjustable both up and down as well as front and back. The bike has a great seat range of 13?-18?and comes with two designs one can choose from.The two models are fire truck and pinkie.

The bike has some stand out features which makes them well suited to children aged 2-4 years ofage. Some of these features include the handbrake lever and the knobby tires which makes them easy to ride on.Early Rider Lite and Wishbone wooden bikes

The two bikes are suitable to kids between 2-3years old. They are durable and the kids can use them even when they are 5 years old. The bikes are available in customer friendly prices in different bike is important to have background knowledge of bikes before embarking on buying one for your own kid.

The information can be acquired from different websites and books as is also advisable to explore the different types a of bikes available to buy for your kid. The knowledge helps one to know which bikes are better suited to your kid, the bikes that last long as well as those safe for your kid to ride with ease and without getting injuries.

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Balance bike for kids