Infographic : How can Marketing Automation drive sales engagement?

This infographic emphasize on how marketing automation drive sales engagement and the reasons behind using it.

Marketing automation, the software platform, is now widely used in the marketing and sales process of an organization. It helps in planning, coordinating, managing, and measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. The software has become hugely popular in organizations as it closely manages and nurtures the leads for converting them into customers.

It has even eased the work of sales representatives as with its successful integration, they can focus more on selling, than on other work, thus increasing their productivity. The automation platform helps in saving time, resources, driving revenue, and increasing ROI.

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Infographic : How can Marketing Automation drive sales engagement?

How To Increase Testosterone – Diet To Follow

  1. Make a diet rich in zinc, vitamin A and D


To increase testosterone, men should:


  • Eating foods high in zinc, such as liver, beans, oysters, nuts or sunflower seeds, for example;
  • Eat foods high in vitamin D such as sardines, salmon, or egg. In addition, it is also important to take sunbathe daily before 11am and after 4pm for at least 1 hour;
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin A such as spinach, tomato, mango or fish oil.

The consumption of sugar and soy foods should also be reduced because they can lead to a reduction in the amount of testosterone. However to improve testosterone level, follow some tips on Testosteronerd . To make a proper diet one should go in the nutritionist to make a menu according to man’s needs.


  1. Perform weight training at the gym


Bodybuilding exercises performed at the gym with weights promote the production of testosterone and, therefore, the man should perform daily intense physical activity for at least 30 minutes using dumbbells, bars and elastics. In addition, this type of exercise facilitates the burning of fat and leads to increased lean mass.


If going to the gym is a sacrifice see how to find pleasure in the gym and do not give up .


  1. Sleep well every day


A good night’s sleep, sleeping more than 5 hours in a row, increases testosterone production and decreases levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, which when elevated leads to weight gain which is also a factor in decreasing testosterone.


In addition, you should spend 2 hours a day to relax and engage in leisure activities such as reading, watching TV or sightseeing.


  1. Maintain adequate weight


To avoid low levels of testosterone, one should maintain adequate body weight, with a BMI of less than 29, and in order not to develop obesity one should eat a balanced diet and be active.


How To Increase Testosterone With Supplements


In some cases, it may be necessary to take testosterone supplements to increase their amount, especially when the levels are too low.

Some supplements that the doctor may indicate include Pro Testosterone, Provacyl and Testex, for example.


Signs that we need to increase testosterone

Some symptoms that may indicate low testosterone levels include:


  • Little sexual interest;
  • Constant forgetting;
  • Frequent fatigue;
  • Mood changes, prevailing symptoms of depression;
  • Little amount of hairs on face, trunk and intimate region;
  • Difficulty falling asleep and much restlessness at night;
  • Bones brittle and development of <a href=”″>Osteoporosis</a>.

Generally, it is necessary to have more than one associated symptom and, in case the doctor suspects low testosterone, may indicate a blood test to confirm. See what causes and symptoms of altered testosterone.

Infographic : State’s Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream

Ice cream has been around for a long time and everyone has a personal preference. There’s a rich history behind the story of ice cream. Plus people from every state share different opinions on which flavor is the best.
The result for the most popular ice cream flavour were more diverse than we thought. Quite a few states chose more unique flavour, like Teaberry Tiger Tail, and Tutti-frutti. Beer Ice-cream was even top searched flavour in connecticut. Vermont is the only state to have choclate chip cookie dough which is the top flavor in New york. cookies and cream was the most popular ice cream in 14 states, while Coconut milk ice cream was the most searched- for variety in oregon, utah and washington.
The modern brownie was actually invented at chicago’s famed palmer House Hotel, and the first mention of the word “brownie” in print appeared in the Chivago-based Sears Roebuck Catalog in 1898. The boom of ice cream most likely began in Italy in the seventeenth century, when it became a staple in banquets though European royal houses.

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Infographic : State’s Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream

Infographic : World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day, observed on July 28 every year, aims to raise global awareness of hepatitis — a group of infectious diseases known as Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E — and encourage prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Hepatitis affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, causing acute and chronic disease and killing close to 1.4 million people every year.
World Hepatitis Day is one of eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with World Health Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Immunization Week, World Tuberculosis Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Malaria Day and World AIDS Day.
During World Hepatitis Day 2019 campaign, WHO is urging all countries and partners to promote the theme “Invest in eliminating hepatitis”. WHO will release new estimates for additional investments needed to achieve globally agreed hepatitis elimination goals by 2030, in the context of the universal health coverage. The host country for World Hepatitis Day 2019 is Pakistan. The global events will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 27-28 July 2019.

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Infographic : World Hepatitis Day

Infographic : Practice Asanas Daily For A Healthy Life

Today is International Yoga Day and it is celebrated across the world to raise awareness about the many benefits of practicing Yoga. The international yoga day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, after the Indian government proposed to dedicate a day for this ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice.

June 21 was declared as the International Yoga Day as it is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and it is observed for other significant reasons in many parts of the world.

Yoga is neither an artform nor a religion. It is obtained from the Sanskrit word “Yuji”, meaning union. It is a practice that involves harmonizing the body, mind and soul.

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Practice Asanas Daily For A Healthy Life

Infographic :The Cost of Child Labor

Child laborers are not simply working an after-school job. They are children that have had their safety, education and childhoods taken from them. Many works full-time for little to no pay. Abuse is rampant.

Learn the true cost of child labor in this infographic and how you can help.

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Infographic :The Cost of Child LaborRelated Post: The State of Children’s Health

Infographic: All you need to know about blood donation

Every Year On 14th of June is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as a mark of the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner who was an Austrian and American biologist and physician who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the ABO blood group system.
The World Blood Donar day was established in the year 2004 with a view to raise awareness and to thank all blood donors around the globe for their Voluntary, life-saving gifts of blood donation.

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Infographic: All you need to know about blood donation