Infographic: How to Play Baccarat

A favourite of the more seasoned casino players, Baccarat is typically played on the casino tables of the rich and famous in high-rolling destinations like Monaco and Macau.

Mention Baccarat to anyone, and it’s likely that James Bond will pop into the conversation. Next to car chases, tuxedos and tech ahead of its time, playing high-stake casino games is how Bond gets geared up. He’s spotted playing Baccarat in a number of films throughout the series including For Your Eyes Only, and most notably in his very first scene, during Dr No. Here Bond quite literally gives villains a run for their money using his boisterous Baccarat skills.

Infographic: How to Play Baccarat

Infographic : Balance Bike For kids

Kids starts experimenting with a balance bike at around two years. However, the challenge that faces most parents is getting the right bike for their kids since the companies label their bikes” for 2-5 years old” and do not have the specific bike for a specific age. This may result to a parent buying a bike that has a seat too high for their child to ride on or handle bars which are very far from the kid to reach them.

This article will help you choose the best balance bike for your kid to start the cycling experience. Kids about 2 years old have the following range of bikes to choose from: Strider Pre bike The bike has an adjustable handlebar and seat height to fit riders from 30 to 44 inches tall. The bike is pedal-less and it’s about 2.2 kg in weight with a durable steel frame which makes the bike long lasting.

The bike helps to teach a kid balance and coordination while developing confidence for pedal biking. Kinder bike e-series Air The bikes have air tires that give a great traction for smooth quick rides. The bikes are very light in weight since they are made from aluminum alloys. Kinder bikes have adjustable handlebars that move up and down as well as forward and back to accommodate the rider as he/she grows.

The bikes can last long when maintained well though washing, oiling the moving parts and changing worn out parts. Glide bikes have a seat which is set back a little more from the handlers making the rider more comfortable while riding. The balance bikes are light in weight and have a foot peg which can be removed without a tool in case one does not need to use it.

The bikes have a handbrake and it comes in different range of colors to choose from. MUNAMuna has rugged tires and a handlebar which is adjustable both up and down as well as front and back. The bike has a great seat range of 13?-18?and comes with two designs one can choose from.The two models are fire truck and pinkie.

The bike has some stand out features which makes them well suited to children aged 2-4 years ofage. Some of these features include the handbrake lever and the knobby tires which makes them easy to ride on.Early Rider Lite and Wishbone wooden bikes

The two bikes are suitable to kids between 2-3years old. They are durable and the kids can use them even when they are 5 years old. The bikes are available in customer friendly prices in different bike is important to have background knowledge of bikes before embarking on buying one for your own kid.

The information can be acquired from different websites and books as is also advisable to explore the different types a of bikes available to buy for your kid. The knowledge helps one to know which bikes are better suited to your kid, the bikes that last long as well as those safe for your kid to ride with ease and without getting injuries.

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Balance bike for kids

Infographic : How Much Can You Save With Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing sector in the world economy. Patients all around the globe are on the lookout for destinations that can offer them economical, yet superior quality healthcare facilities. Rather than the developed nations, which charge exorbitant prices, it is the developing countries who are the flag-bearers of this increase in medical tourism. Expansion of medical services in these countries is aided by factors like cheap labor and low operating costs.

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Infographic : How Much Can You Save With Medical Tourism?

OPPO Launches #SelfieExpert F1 in India

Gone are the days where mobile phone was just used for the purpose of calling and for text messages.
Now is the era of smartphone ,where you can browse, shop online on phone,Click photos with high definition cameras in smartphone. With the growing trend of taking selfie on phone there was a need of a phone which is expert in taking selfie. So Chinese phone company OPPO has launch OPPO F1 which is #SelfieExpert and is one of the best Camera Phone for taking selfie.
#OPPOF1 was unveiled in Mumbai in the presence of Mr SkyLi, OPPO Global VP, MD of International Mobile Business and President of OPPOIndia. Along with him were Mr. David Richardson, Chief Executive of International Cricket Council(ICC) and will be for sale from 4th Feb 2016 all over India.
The SelfieExpert comes with the features of
8MP front camera with F/2.0 aperture and 13MP rear camera with ISSO CELL sensor which is very good in taking selfie.
It also has Diversified photography features like Ultra-HD, Super Macro, HDR, Double Exposure, Slow Shutter? & Super GIF.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 series Octa-core processor with 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM, VoLTE supported.?
The F1 has a 5 inch display and is a mere 7.25mm thick, assures that the phone feels just right. It has a 2.5D Corning®Gorilla®Glass4Screen.?
Its been priced at Rs.15,990

For more product details click here

#F1Hotsale will be start from 4th to 6th Feb 2016 where 8-9 celebrities will visit the stores.
OPPO recently announced its official global partnership with International Cricket Council (ICC) for the mobile phone category for four years starting 2016 and has also entered into a 3 year partnership with FCBarcelona. OPPO has also extended its brand association with Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor earlier this month to further accelerate its marketing campaigns in South Asia Region.
But the question is why its been named as SelfieExpert.let’s see why its called as SelfieExpert
The OPPO F1 is tailored for selfie supremacy, with excellent purposely-built software and hardware.It features an 8MP front-facing camera with a widef/2.0 aperture lens and a 1/4-inch sensor , allowing for 44% more light to enter the camera than f/2.4 aperturelens, and resulting in shots that are 30% clearer than one staken with an ordinary 5MP camera. The F1 also offers OPPO’s Beautify3.0 feature, which ensures stunning selfies in all conditions. Beautify 3.0 removes blemishes, highlights subject’s features and includes 3 different beautify modes along with 8 filters. In addition, the OPPOF1 can capture selfie and gestures and spoken commands. By opening a palm in front of the camera, or simply by saying “Cheese!”, users can activate an automatic selfie with an adjustable countdown.
So overall OPPO F1 SelfieExpert isthe best phone for selfie lovers and that also in a budgeted price.

The Average Poker Player Infographic

You may think the ‘average poker player’ could only have one look (the suited & booted types from Casino Royale), whose favourite past-time is partying and throwing their money around (such as the notorious playboy poker player, Dan Bilzerian), but you might be pleasantly surprised to know that this isn’t always the case.

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