When Addiction Impacts your Work Productivity

Conflict in the workplace and the demands of a job can lead to the employee feeling a loss of control. These factors need to be understood in greater depth in order to minimise the conditions under which addictions can thrive. Employees who feel under pressure to perform because of increased expectations, descending levels of income, and the relentless drive for optimum productivity, may seek to address their problems using coping mechanisms such as alcoholc or drugs.

• Out of every 500 people 75 will have been drunk while at work.

• Estimated 1 million people work in the UK with drugs in their system

• 200,000 go to work in the UK with a hangover

If you are concerned about drug or alcohol dependancy for yourself, a friend or a work colleague, please contact Clinical Partners psychiatrists in London.

Addiction and the Workplace InfographicClinical Partners

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