What Causes Sensitive Teeth & Treatment Infographic

Having sensitive teeth is no laughing matter, especially as this could be an indicator of something that could be seriously wrong. However, even if this is not a sign of further oral health problems, let’s put it simply – it’s plain annoying. You are always aware of your sensitive teeth, when you brush your teeth, when you drink beverages, even when you eat certain foods.

If you are the one out of every 8 people who suffers from over sensitive teeth, you will need to check out this infographic created by Markham Dental, which outlines the various common causes of sensitive teeth, as well as their treatments recommended.

From something as simple as changing the type of toothbrush you use, to a specially recommended toothpaste, to even changing your dietary habits, your dental provider can help steer you in the right direction to having happier and healthier teeth.

 What Causes Sensitive Teeth & Treatment Infographic

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