How to Keep Ants Away from your Bedroom

How to Keep Ants Away from your Bedroom

Ants may be small, but hundreds of them can be a problem once they invade your home, especially your bedroom. Your bedroom should be your haven where you can sleep, relax, and be intimate with the one you love. Unfortunately, with an ant infestation,  Your good night’s sleep may become your worst nightmare as this creepy crawlers can leave you uncomfortable and irritable, ending up on you kicking your partner out of bed.


If you don’t want this to happen to you and your bedroom, follow the tips from this article to keep those ants away. Read on.


  1. Try Using Ant Traps


You may opt to use ant traps in your bedroom If the infestation has already started. An ant trap is a solid box that can lure pests using a bait. It’s usually sweet to make the ants go inside and take the bait and send it back to their colony. The idea is to get the queen and the entire colony to eat the bait to destroy the whole colony.


However, It may take some time or days to get the worker ant to go back on the nest. It’s better to place another bait to make sure that workers can bring the bait back in its colony.


  1. Look for Effective Sprays


These repellent sprays are effective in killing ants onsite, but the downside of this product is that it can’t do any damage to the colony. The nest will just dispatch different workers to get food for their colony. Its advisable to follow the worker ants and search for the colony to get rid of it. In that way, you can spray it in the core of the ant colony to destroy the queen and its future population. Here are some tips on how you can efficiently use sprays in combatting these ants.


  • Look for their nest- One of the efficient ways of using the spray when eradicating ant is to utilize it on their nest. The spray can reach the crevices of the nest, unlike other ant repellent methods.
  • Get rid of their traces- When you see herds of ant in line, make sure to spray their marks. It will prevent other ants from following the trail, especially if the ants are going to your bedroom.
  • Spray on possible entry points- to make sure that these crawlers will not come back, don’t forget to spray repellent on entry points such as windows and doors


  1. Gel Repellent


Gel repellent can be used to fill up cracks on your walls inside and outside of your bedroom. Once blocked, it will prevent the ants from building a nest inside the crevices of the wall. The gel is used by filling cracks using a syringe. However, this will take a lot of time.


  1. Exclusion

Aside from cleaning, you also need to check for any gaps in your home. Wires and pipes can be used by ants to enter and forage food. Seal all the holes and trim tree branches to make sure all route is close. Its also advisable to remove the trails left by the ants using a washcloth.


  1. Minimize Moisture On Your Bedroom


Its vital that you minimize moisture in your bedroom. It is crucial since ant need moisture to survive. You should fix possible water leaks on your roof or pipes to prevent water from pouring down. Don’t also forget to check that your gutter and downspout are away from your bedroom.


  1. Wash Your Sheets


Its also necessary to wash your bed sheets and pillowcases with bleach-based detergent. Washing your beddings ensures that it will be thoroughly disinfected and would not produce smell from food. One of the reasons there’s ant on your bed is because of food particles left when you have a habit of eating on your bed. It would also be useful to dry clean comforter from time to time.


  1. Clean


A clean environment can eliminate any bugs and ants. As you may know, ants eat the crumble and your leftover food. That’s why it’s necessary to clean everything after every meal in your bed. Don’t forget to throw away the trash and make sure no food residue remains. Here are some practices that you can adapt to prevent ant from colonizing your bedroom.


  • Limit eating on your bed. Eating snacks and sweet on the bed have become a habit of some people. However, it can be a possible reason why your bedroom has many ants in the first place. Its highly suggested to stop this practice to keep ant at bay.
  • Use the vacuum on your bedroom floor or carpet- Make sure to eliminate food debris or particles on your bedroom floor or carpet. It is essential as ants can become attracted to the area with lots of food sources.