Infographic : How Often Should I Replace My Roof

For people who own a home, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of roof maintenance and replacement. Indeed, most don’t act until a problem strikes. But roofs have a limited lifespan and it’s important to know when it’s up.

That’s why created this infographic. They wanted to present this important information to homeowners in a more visual way. They laid the main issues that affect roof lifespan: the kind of materials used (whether it’s wood, asphalt, metal or clay shingles) and how different climatic conditions also important the lifespan of a roof.

When choosing a colour for this infographic, they ultimately went with the orange as it was a create match for their brand and then white text, which didn’t clash with the overall design. The end result is a simple, visually appealing infographic that leads the eye on a logical path from left to right and then down again.


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