What Causes Sensitive Teeth & Treatment Infographic

Having sensitive teeth is no laughing matter, especially as this could be an indicator of something that could be seriously wrong. However, even if this is not a sign of further oral health problems, let’s put it simply – it’s plain annoying. You are always aware of your sensitive teeth, when you brush your teeth, when you drink beverages, even when you eat certain foods.

If you are the one out of every 8 people who suffers from over sensitive teeth, you will need to check out this infographic created by Markham Dental, which outlines the various common causes of sensitive teeth, as well as their treatments recommended.

From something as simple as changing the type of toothbrush you use, to a specially recommended toothpaste, to even changing your dietary habits, your dental provider can help steer you in the right direction to having happier and healthier teeth.

 What Causes Sensitive Teeth & Treatment Infographic

Infographic : The Psychology Of Extreme Sports & Infographic

Discipline is key to success. Perhaps nobody knows this better than extreme sports athletes. They fully understand the dangers of their sports and know there can be no shortcuts. They pay great attention to detail, because even a small mistake can cost them their life. But before you think, why do they do extreme sports if it is so dangerous? This infographic created by Extreme Sports Land definitely opens our eyes to the type of people who participant in extreme sports, as well as their overall health and outlook that makes them a breed of a different kind of human – willing to go the extra mile to accomplish what no man has ever done – or what very few will ever do.

Infographic : The Psychology Of Extreme Sports & Infographic


Few years before, the Omnidirectional output on speaker required complex wiring of audio cables. The advancements in wireless technologies have enabled the audio output to be transmitted via the Radio Frequency (RF) Waves. One of the most popular protocols that use the RF waves to transmit audio is Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth technology is pre-eminent technology that is available on almost all of the mobile devices available in the retail market. In this article, let us explore the top wireless Bluetooth devices available on Amazon with the Amazon electronics coupons that give you a better buy compared to other retailers. Amazon coupons bring you the bestselling Bluetooth speakers with exciting discount.


JBL, the subsidiary of Samsung Electronics is known for the high-quality audio devices it has released into the retail market. The JBL Go Bluetooth speakers are the Amazon’s Choice for the best Bluetooth speaker and rest as the #1 bestseller in the Bluetooth speaker category. Let us take a look at the features of the bestselling speaker.


JBL Bluetooth speaker description

  • Colors available: Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Grey, Orange, Red, Teal.
  • The wireless Bluetooth speaker is pinned with a rechargeable battery that lets you stream music five hours.
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets running on Android or iOS.
  • The built-in speaker is attached to the speaker
  • Weight: 132 grams
  • Device Connection options: Bluetooth & Aux-in
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Amazon Bluetooth speakers Bestsellers rank: #1

Price: With the application of Amazon discount (38%) the price of the product is ?1674.00 (?2699.00).

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The boAt is the American manufacturer of premium quality speakers and headphones. Now, let us take a look at the features of boAt Bluetooth speaker that comes at a whopping discount of 67%.


boAt Portable BT speaker description

  • Build: Rubber matte finish
  • Color: Black, Blue, Orange
  • Waterproof and can be used outdoors.
  • Shockproof
  • Dust resistant
  • Can be used in waters and outdoors while swimming, camping, hiking.
  • Crisp sound output with robust bass
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.1 protocol
  • No loss in audio performance
  • Connectivity Types: Aux-in and Bluetooth
  • Audio Range: 30-feet
  • Power output: 3 Watt
  • A built-in microphone enables you to hands-free calling
  • We can enjoy 10 hours of non-stop music with these speakers.
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 1500 mAh battery. Can be charged with Micro-USB cable.
  • Can be paired with almost all smartphones running on iOS and Android.
  • Amazon Bluetooth speakers’ bestseller rank: #1 in outdoor speaker and #2 in Bluetooth speakers

Price and Amazon Electronics Coupons

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The Wireless Bluetooth has become intelligent with Amazon AI platform Alexa. You can keep the speakers at your disposal with these voice-controlled speakers. Let us take a look at the features of the speaker in brief.


Attributes of Amazon Echo Dot

  • Can be used hands-free.
  • Use voice to play music, make calls, check weather and to control other smart speakers at home.
  • Has seven microphones
  • Uses the powerful beam-forming technology for audio transmission.
  • Control third-party services like Zomato, Ola, UrbanClap and other third-party applications.
  • Weight: 163 grams
  • Warranty: Limited warranty for one-year.
  • Connectivity Type: Aux-in and Bluetooth

Price and Amazon Electronics Coupon

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Photron the Japanese manufacturer of Digital cameras has forayed into the manufacturing of premium Bluetooth speakers. Let us take a look at the features of the Bluetooth speaker.


Features of Photron Bluetooth Speaker

  • The hands-free mode allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat
  • Battery: Powered by 400 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth and Aux-in
  • Audio Configuration: Speaker surround sound channel 2.1 configuration
  • Micro-SD slot available
  • Phone with echo and noise cancellation
  • Warranty: 6-months manufacturer warranty
  • Weight: 222 grams

Price and offer details

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The Dutch Electronics firm Philips is known for the varied elite quality devices it has released into the retail market. Let us take a look at the features of best-selling Bluetooth speaker.


Philips Portable Speaker Description

  • Colors available: Black, Blue, Grey, White
  • Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion-free music
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology is supported
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Battery: Built-in Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery for 5 to 6 hours playtime
  • Warranty: 1-year worldwide warranty
  • Weight: 90.7 grams

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5 Amazing Tips to Whiten Your Teeth

A shiny confident smile works out for every situation! – It’s a fact. A general research shows that 65% of people try to conceal their teeth while clicking out a photograph. Teeth play an essential role in our daily life but when it comes to maintain oral health, just brushing your teeth every day- is not enough. Many people use whitening strips and costly mouth products in order to get white teeth, which in turn creates a centre of attraction to a number of dental problems and causes a severe damage to their teeth even before they get to know! Outcome of using these products on daily basis can include: thinning of enamel (uppermost layer of your teeth) and fatal diseases like mouth cancer.

In this blog I am going to show you some mind-blowing tips with fantastic home remedies to get shiny-white and healthy teeth but bat first, we are going to discuss the reason behind teeth getting discolored.

Also, look for the bigbasket promo codes to get discounted on the items you are going to need to have that perfect white teeth smile of which tips; you are going to read in the article below.

 Why do teeth get yellow

There can be many reasons for your teeth going pale, but I am telling you the once- you haven’t even thought about!

  1. Brushing too much

There are some people who tends to have weird habit of brushing their teeth after every meal, it will wonder you but brushing your teeth a way too much, leads in thinning of enamel (upper protective cover layer of your teeth) and can also make your teeth go dull.


  1. Unbalanced diet

If you are not eating green veggies, this blog is for you boy! Careless diet causes deficiency in vitamins and minerals and result in your teeth getting weak and yellow.


  1. Eating too much sweet or acidic food

Going out with friends and trying street food feels fun right? Well…if you are a teenager like me and wondering about your dull teeth, then surely you must quiet the habit of having these street adventures every day.


  1. Biting nails

If you have habit of eating your fingers and biting your nails then don’t worry! You are no different from 80% of world’s population. Biting you nails can be a serious threat to your oral health causing Pyorrhea, a severe gum disease. (Discolored yellow teeth with bad breath are one of the initial symptoms of Pyorrhea.)


Smoking, intake of alcohol, medication and heredity can also be reasons of yellow and unhealthy teeth!

Folks, if you are fed up of trying to get rid of your yellow teeth, then don’t worry! As well as no need to spend too much on expensive mouth-products because here, I am going to tell you five amazing tips to whiten your teeth.



Brushing your teeth twice a day is a best way to keep your mouth clean and fresh.  You may also try to gargle your mouth with salty-lukewarm water every day after brushing, it reduces problem of sensitivity, swollen gums, bad breath and results in healthy white teeth.



Oil pulling is another best way to keep your teeth healthy-clean and shiny-white. From centuries and centuries we are familiar with the several advantages of coconut oil on our hair and skin, but a very few people know about its magical advances for maintaining our oral health. If talking about Indian families, we always have coconut oil available at our homes. According to current studies a deep and relaxing five-minute coconut oil massage on your gums and teeth can gift you with a long-lasting teeth-life, along with beautiful shiny and healthy-white teeth. So, be ready to get that pleasing coconut flavor in your mouth!



Many of you would be a fan of homemade mouthwatering, minty-fresh ice-lemon mock-tail or fluffy squished pulpy orange juice, but lesser of you know about the wonders its peels can create! Lemons and oranges are one of the best sources of vitamin c, and contain citric acid in an adequate amount, which is very useful for removing oral fungal infections and curing bleeding gums. Rubbing lemon or orange peel on your teeth can amaze you in just two weeks. Similarly, take a fresh piece of inside of banana peel and gently rub about 2 to 3 minutes and all the minerals present in the peel like manganese and potassium will get absorbed by your teeth…giving your teeth a white shiny look.

So, go get yourself a five minute peel treatment and be ready to be stunned!



Having a crazy and uncontrollable lust for street food is all likely, of course- end of the day, you would end up full of your favorite dishes and I bet, they all would surely be spicy!

However this spicy treats can disturb pH level of your mouth and can make it acidic. (Acidic mouth is the main reason of tooth decay)

Sodium bicarbonate commonly known as Baking soda is highly alkaline in nature, when applied on teeth it tends to kill bacteria and germs as well as prevent tooth decay, making your teeth healthy and white. You can mix it with salt and can make your own natural homemade tooth paste!



Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you ate properly? Think twice before answering, as I asked for properly!

A healthy diet is essential to maintain your overall health, which includes your dental health too. Eat properly for getting whiter teeth, here the word “properly” means the combination of fluids, macronutrients, micronutrients and adequate calories, which you will get from fresh green leafy vegetables and tasty juicy fruits. And everyone knows…The one sole destination to get those fresh green leafy vegetables and tasty juicy fruits and that is none other than: bigbasket to get your favorite fruits and veggies peeled, chopped and safely packed without any extra cost!

So, shop from the largest online variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables!

Follow these five simple tips and be the owner of that fabulous, confident, healthy and extraordinary smile!

Zoutons Launches New App To Cater All your Online Shopping Needs

The online shopping dispatch is one of the crowded places among the internet highways weather its books, clothes, groceries or electronics. Information regarding specifications, photos and other features are a click away.  The year or so has seen tremendous surge and affiliation towards e-commerce section and now with the recent launch of its mobile app, Zoutons, a leading couponing partner in the country, wants to hit the ground running.

About Zoutons

Based in Delhi, the website was launched in July 2013 by BITS Pilani alumnus Sahil Chalana along with Nishit Kumar. The site is partnered with famous stores such as Jabong, Snapdeal and Myntra as well as popular brands like Adidas, Provogue and Reebok. The company growth has been steady. It has a national rank of 5,315 and a global rank of 77,552 with a growth of more than 15,000 points according to Alexa traffic rankings.


With affiliations with over 150 stores, many of them being key brands and the top in the country, the website caters to most of the section of the e-commerce segment. After extending its customer base and with the site getting thousands of unique faces every month, the company has targeted at least 100k downloads by the end of January 2019.


The app allows you to filter content according to your preferences based on the type of users, categories or stores. It is completely user-friendly and available free of charge on the Google PlayStore.



Zoutons is a blend of smart work and hard work, catering to the needs of online shopaholics. They focus on increasing their user traffic and providing the proper accessibilities to their customers.

  • They are working on the tagline- Loot is on and aims to provide the best of discounts/ cashback offers.
  • To reach to 1 million people every day and make it possible to take the count of app installations upto 100k by Jan 2019.
  • Introducing their app in which they will be including exclusive app offers to manifest the need of all customers.


Enhanced Online Shopping Experience


With the Zoutons app, you are guaranteed the genuine deals and offers without the hassles of ads. Download this app to get access to verified deals as well as a clean and straightforward interface that makes shopping very comfortable.


What makes the App stand out from others?


  • Memory Effective

Occupying just 2.7 MB of your mobile phone, the app makes sure that your phone doesn’t run out of space and you don’t run out of latest offers.


  • Offers are based on the past search history to match your likes

Tailormade feeds and notifications offers you exactly what you want and have been looking for. This enables the users to save time as they don’t have to search for offers too often.

  • Excellent Graphics User Interface
    • Night mode takes the strain off your eyes during late night browsing
    • Home screen sports latest offers and is very eye-catching



Stay updated to latest online sales?


Download the app on your phone which has notifications to keep you updated with the latest shopping trends. It can be used for utilities, bill payments and shopping among various categories.

Besides this. You can also become a member without any cost, and receive updates and notifications that might interest you. Simply enter your email ID and become a subscriber to get emails regularly.

Some of the examples of the coupons are on categories are:

  • 100% Cashback on Bill Payments: You can find this offer exclusively on Zoutons App for the popular stores like Paytm, Freecharge, etc. All you have to do is go by the Zoutons App and search for the offers on bill payment categories.
  • Extra 10% Cashback on electronics: Shop on Stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and get 10% cashback on gadgets.
  • Flat Rs.50/- off on Cab Bookings: Book for cab from Major cab service providers like Ola, Uber and get discounted using the coupon code which is available on Zoutons app.


The company plans to provide the best services to the people who regularly use the coupons from the website, which is why the app has come into the picture. With the recent app launch, life is easier. Furthermore, as a member, you get exclusive deals and promo codes of sales on megastores like Flipkart and Amazon.

Infographic – Sand: The Permian’s Ticking Time Bomb

What are the costs associated with proppant use, what can we do about them, and what will they look like in the future? Dragon Products has done the research to show what the market looks like now and what it may look like moving into the future.

The Permian Basin hydraulic fracturing industry is growing rapidly thanks to the rising prices for oil and gas in the United States. The factors involved in this rise are complicated, but in this infographic dragonproductsltd.com will be focusing on the impact of the use of frac sand and other proppants on the costs of fracking in the Permian Basin.

To help solve this issue, Dragon Products has designed and unveiled a new line of products dedicated to frac sand transportation. The pneumatic roll-off Sand Pod I and Sand Pod II as well as the Sand Force trailer will help make a big difference in your bottom line.


Infographic - Sand: The Permian’s Ticking Time Bomb


Infographic : 10 Cool Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are one of the most important parts of human body. We use them to eat, chew, smile, and pronounce properly. Moreover, a perfect smile can help you land a better job and get a partner of your dreams. All of us have probably heard multiple times how to brush and floss properly so Encore Dental decided to design a little bit different Infographic. What do teeth and fingerprints have in common? How strong is your enamel? Or how much saliva do we produce? Check out the 10 Fun Facts About Teeth that you probably didn’t know about!

Infographic : 10 Cool Facts About Your Teeth


Infographic : Correlation Between Diabetes and Oral Health

What you eat affects the health of your mouth and body. We all may love our sugary drinks, energy drinks and acidic juices, but remember, all these can create havoc to your pearly whites. Acidic drinks can slowly eat away your teeth’s enamel, and sugary drinks can lead to high blood sugar levels, which leads to infections and a whole different set of problems which you don’t want to face. Birch Dental Group released this infographic which reveals a correlation between dental problems and diabetes, as well as tips to prevent them. Simply follow these tips to enjoy a healthy body and a healthy mouth.

Infographic : Correlation Between Diabetes and Oral Health

Infographic : A map of Europe’s must-visit landmarks

Cruising is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding ways to take a holiday. As well as the all-inclusive dining and entertainment options available on many ships, one of the most attractive parts of setting sail is the fact that a cruise allows you to experience a whole host of wonderful destinations on the same trip.

With this in mind,  Jetline Cruise have created an infographic which takes a closer look at some of Europe’s most historic and iconic landmarks – all of which can be visited within a matter of days on a continental cruise. From world-famous buildings to some more obscure highlights, we introduce you to a handful of the countless incredible locations just waiting to be discovered on your next getaway.
Infographic : A map of Europe's must-visit landmarks