5 Amazing Tips to Whiten Your Teeth

A shiny confident smile works out for every situation! – It’s a fact. A general research shows that 65% of people try to conceal their teeth while clicking out a photograph. Teeth play an essential role in our daily life but when it comes to maintain oral health, just brushing your teeth every day- is not enough. Many people use whitening strips and costly mouth products in order to get white teeth, which in turn creates a centre of attraction to a number of dental problems and causes a severe damage to their teeth even before they get to know! Outcome of using these products on daily basis can include: thinning of enamel (uppermost layer of your teeth) and fatal diseases like mouth cancer.

In this blog I am going to show you some mind-blowing tips with fantastic home remedies to get shiny-white and healthy teeth but bat first, we are going to discuss the reason behind teeth getting discolored.

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 Why do teeth get yellow

There can be many reasons for your teeth going pale, but I am telling you the once- you haven’t even thought about!

  1. Brushing too much

There are some people who tends to have weird habit of brushing their teeth after every meal, it will wonder you but brushing your teeth a way too much, leads in thinning of enamel (upper protective cover layer of your teeth) and can also make your teeth go dull.


  1. Unbalanced diet

If you are not eating green veggies, this blog is for you boy! Careless diet causes deficiency in vitamins and minerals and result in your teeth getting weak and yellow.


  1. Eating too much sweet or acidic food

Going out with friends and trying street food feels fun right? Well…if you are a teenager like me and wondering about your dull teeth, then surely you must quiet the habit of having these street adventures every day.


  1. Biting nails

If you have habit of eating your fingers and biting your nails then don’t worry! You are no different from 80% of world’s population. Biting you nails can be a serious threat to your oral health causing Pyorrhea, a severe gum disease. (Discolored yellow teeth with bad breath are one of the initial symptoms of Pyorrhea.)


Smoking, intake of alcohol, medication and heredity can also be reasons of yellow and unhealthy teeth!

Folks, if you are fed up of trying to get rid of your yellow teeth, then don’t worry! As well as no need to spend too much on expensive mouth-products because here, I am going to tell you five amazing tips to whiten your teeth.



Brushing your teeth twice a day is a best way to keep your mouth clean and fresh.  You may also try to gargle your mouth with salty-lukewarm water every day after brushing, it reduces problem of sensitivity, swollen gums, bad breath and results in healthy white teeth.



Oil pulling is another best way to keep your teeth healthy-clean and shiny-white. From centuries and centuries we are familiar with the several advantages of coconut oil on our hair and skin, but a very few people know about its magical advances for maintaining our oral health. If talking about Indian families, we always have coconut oil available at our homes. According to current studies a deep and relaxing five-minute coconut oil massage on your gums and teeth can gift you with a long-lasting teeth-life, along with beautiful shiny and healthy-white teeth. So, be ready to get that pleasing coconut flavor in your mouth!



Many of you would be a fan of homemade mouthwatering, minty-fresh ice-lemon mock-tail or fluffy squished pulpy orange juice, but lesser of you know about the wonders its peels can create! Lemons and oranges are one of the best sources of vitamin c, and contain citric acid in an adequate amount, which is very useful for removing oral fungal infections and curing bleeding gums. Rubbing lemon or orange peel on your teeth can amaze you in just two weeks. Similarly, take a fresh piece of inside of banana peel and gently rub about 2 to 3 minutes and all the minerals present in the peel like manganese and potassium will get absorbed by your teeth…giving your teeth a white shiny look.

So, go get yourself a five minute peel treatment and be ready to be stunned!



Having a crazy and uncontrollable lust for street food is all likely, of course- end of the day, you would end up full of your favorite dishes and I bet, they all would surely be spicy!

However this spicy treats can disturb pH level of your mouth and can make it acidic. (Acidic mouth is the main reason of tooth decay)

Sodium bicarbonate commonly known as Baking soda is highly alkaline in nature, when applied on teeth it tends to kill bacteria and germs as well as prevent tooth decay, making your teeth healthy and white. You can mix it with salt and can make your own natural homemade tooth paste!



Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you ate properly? Think twice before answering, as I asked for properly!

A healthy diet is essential to maintain your overall health, which includes your dental health too. Eat properly for getting whiter teeth, here the word “properly” means the combination of fluids, macronutrients, micronutrients and adequate calories, which you will get from fresh green leafy vegetables and tasty juicy fruits. And everyone knows…The one sole destination to get those fresh green leafy vegetables and tasty juicy fruits and that is none other than: bigbasket to get your favorite fruits and veggies peeled, chopped and safely packed without any extra cost!

So, shop from the largest online variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables!

Follow these five simple tips and be the owner of that fabulous, confident, healthy and extraordinary smile!

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