10 Essential Features You Should Have In Your E-Commerce Website

When building a website, you might be confused as to what customizations to add, and what your customers will actually like. That’s why we’ve got this e-commerce website feature list to help you. Here’s a list of items that you should have when you’re designing a website.

A Clear Logo

A logo is a symbol of trust and genuinity. It’s also a symbol of recognition. Whether it’s a big brand or a new one, a logo helps your customers recognise your brand. Several logo makers are available in the market that can be used to make free logos for your website. Some of them are listed here.

Logos promote trust, loyalty and increase brand recall

Ease Of Use

When it comes to websites, this is the most important feature you should concentrate on. If your website isn’t user-friendly, it might drive customers away. The idea is to let your customers get what they want on your website without running into complexities.

The best way to understand how you can modify your website to become easy to use is by looking at other websites that are doing well on the internet. Some ways you can do this is by making categories of the products that you sell, including FAQ sections, and attaching the review sections close to the products.

Mobile Friendly Website

A brick and mortar store’s latest collection can be browsed on a mobile phone

One-third of the entire customer base chooses to browse e-commerce websites on their smartphones. After this, even Google has instructed all the websites to make them mobile responsive too by 2017. Failing to do so could lead to a loss in SEO rankings for your website. Make your website responsive so that your customers can enjoy the user-friendly experience at its peak.

High Resolution Photos And Videos Of Your Products

Every customer wants to see the product they want to buy from various angles. Zoom in and try to get the feel of the product. And if the picture is unclear, it will fail to motivate your customer into buying the product. Including videos of the product being used by someone else will also help extensively.

Show Advantages Of Your Products

A great selling point is a way your product can help your customer. Many customers don’t know what they exactly need. Listing down advantages could help them understand their needs and will also make them buy your product.

Special Offers

Customers love deals and discounts. Set up banners displaying the ongoing discounts on your website to coax your customers to buy products. You can also use a unique web page for the offers. This will increase not only increase the traffic on your website but also improve your SEO rankings. Free shipping is another deal that will motivate your customers to buy more from you.

Blog And Latest News

Customers are always on a lookout for best deals, new arrivals, news on the products, tips, etc. Having a blog or a page that lists out this news is a good way to attract customers to your website. It can help increase sales and also help them at times they are in need of it.

Brand Your Best Products

It is not possible to predict what kind of product your customer is looking for. Most of them visit your website only to check it out. A page that shows the best products on your website could motivate them into learning more about the product and maybe eventually buy it too. It is a perfect attention grabber for first-time visitors of your website. Make sure to include them on the homepage of your website for better effectiveness.

Related Products

When a customer is looking for a product, it would help when they get the option of also viewing products similar to the one they are currently viewing. This will allow them to get a better exposure to all the kinds of products on your website. Make sure to include a ‘you might also like’ or ‘other popular products’ under the product to make them popular.


This should be another essential addition to your website because a lot of times customers have This should be another essential addition for your website because a lot of times customers have queries. How the delivery works, what the return process is, how the EMI system on your website works, etc. Since there is no-one available to ask directly, an FAQ could prove to be helpful for your customers.

With this, you know of most of the things on the e-commerce website feature list to include on your e-commerce website to make your customer’s shopping experience better. If you need some more tips, visit this website that gives you insight into all the necessary aspects.

Most e-commerce website builders like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc., come with step by step instructions on what to include on your online business platform. Some of them, like Shopify, have their own logo builders, domain name generators, etc. and include everything on one platform to make your life simpler.

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